fbpx Youth Violence Commission: Final Report - London Youth

16 July 2020

In July 2020, the Youth Violence Commission published its final report into the causes of serious violence affecting young people and long-term solutions to this complex problem.

London Youth has engaged with the commission and promoted its work to our members, including through our Serious Youth Violence Network.

Our report, Young People’s Capital of the World?, was quoted in the commission’s report:

Growth in the cost of housing and of popular leisure activities are two examples of financial displacement: young people being squeezed out (as this witness put it) of the places they live or spend time in because they can no longer afford them. Similar concerns were expressed by young people themselves in recent research undertaken by London Youth. Their report concluded that young people in London are ‘hugely concerned about the lack of affordable housing’, and are conscious of ‘the impact of regeneration on the areas in which they live, including what this might mean for their ability to continue to live in the communities where they have grown up’.”

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