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20 November 2020

Centre for Youth Impact, London Youth and Partnership for Young London are working with key funders and commissioners in London to provide youth organisations with an opportunity to contribute to a shared picture of the existing and emerging needs for young people across London.

The Youth Sector Data Hub for London is a collaborative effort to collect important data from youth sector organisations across the region so that together we build a greater understanding of what is needed on the frontline.

The youth sector has consistently suffered from not having enough data to powerfully and consistently communicate the value of its work and help funders and commissioners make informed decisions as to how to support the youth sector in London.

This collective initiative has the broader support of the London Recovery Group, including London Councils, London Funders and the GLA. In particular, the London Recovery Group’s mission for young people, post COVID, will focus on access to quality youth activities across London and a personalised mentor. A picture of what is required to support young people across London will be important as influential sector institutions make places to support quality youth work.

This survey and the chance to input is time-limited and requires as many youth organisations as possible to submit responses by Monday 14th December 2020 at 9am (extended). This survey will focus on delivery and infrastructure organisations.

An anonymised, summary analysis of the responses will be published in January 2021 and will be available for the sector to draw on. The institutions supporting this work will be able to use the analysis to shape their understanding and their plans to support young people over the coming months.

There will be a similar survey issued by the GLA and London Councils that will be targeting key contacts within councils. The two parallel surveys will together form a rich view of the challenges and opportunities emerging for our sector.

 Young people have been particularly hit hard by the pandemic. By providing us your input today we can work with important organisations and institutions to ensure what you share is considered in plans going forward.


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