16 June 2021

Our youth board is a group of young people from our membership that helps to ensure London Youth remains relevant and responsive to young people across the capital.

Young people on on youth board have the opportunity to get involved in ambassadorial and advisory opportunities with London Youth and throughout our membership. Main activities include:

Ensuring young people’s voices are at the heart of London Youth’s work – by helping us ensure our programmes are high quality, feeding into funding bids, and helping with staff recruitment.

Ensuring youth voice is heard within the youth sector and beyond –  by helping us to create communications content, attending events in person and online and speaking with the press and decision makers.

Have a great time with great people across the capital – through regular meetings, socials, and a residential. We currently meet online every two weeks during the period of social distancing, but we’ll move to once a month at London Youth’s offices near Old Street when it is safe to do so.

Opportunities to become more involved in London Youth’s governance and decision making through discussing and meeting with our trustees and senior management team.

This year, we are able to offer financial reimbursement for some opportunities undertaken with London Youth and we are open to young people from all different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, sexualities and abilities!

You can read more about our youth board here. 


What do our current youth board members say about the board?

How to get involved

What’s in it for young people?
Influence London’s decision makers
Boost personal development and get involved in training
Meet young people from across London
Represent young Londoners’ voices
And so much more…

What happens when you join the board? You can be on the youth board for at least one year and up to a maximum of three years. You will have a chance to opt in to various types of opportunities (both online and in person) over the year and have regular meetings where you’ll help London Youth make decisions on our programmes, in our communications, and across our membership.

Who can join the board?
Young people who are between the age of 16-24 and attend London Youth’s member organisations or have been involved with a London Youth programme.


How do young people join the board?
London Youth is open for a rolling recruitment to the board until November 2021. Young people who apply should be part of a member organisation of London Youth.  To register your interest in joining the board please fill in the online form here .

If you would like to apply for the youth board but would like an alternative application route, or are worried that you aren’t eligible please get in touch with the email address listed below to discuss options.

Any questions?
Contact Allia Fredericks, Youth Action Delivery Officer – allia.fredericks@londonyouth.org 

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