10 November 2014

Monday 10 November

Last week was Youth Work Week, offering the opportunity for youth organisations, youth workers and young people to celebrate their achievements and the impact of their work

During that week London Youth published blogs from youth workers who work at our member clubs across London. We want to continue to highlight the importance of youth work in London and its impact on young people.

Our latest blog comes from Eldora Edwards at Paddington Arts.

Tell us about your youth club

Paddington arts is a performing arts and media organisation

What is your role at your youth club/organisation?

I am the programme manager and I set up all the projects and programmes in Paddington Arts.

What made you get involved with youth work?

I was actually a young person attending the classes at Paddington Arts since I was 11 and have stayed on ever since. So I’ve gone from being one of the young people to becoming a member of staff

Your best moment in youth work?

Being able to experience the fulfilment of the young people when they complete a dance routine or I give them advice on life and they’ve taken that on-board and positive outcomes have occurred.

What are the biggest challenges you or your youth club have to overcome?

Loss of funding. A lot of our funding has been taken away. We have to try really hard to fundraise to keep us afloat. We’re doing performing arts show, we’re trying to collaborate with other youth clubs to get funding and we’re just applying for funding every day with different projects.

What do you and your youth club hope to achieve in the next year?

A substantial amount of funding which will help us keep running our programme which involves, dance, multimedia, steel pan and much more but we need funding to keep the performing arts side running.

Eldora Edwards leading a dance class at Paddington Arts