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15 July 2018

I’m Ari, the Youth Leadership Officer for Talent Match London, London Youth’s employability programme supporting 18-24 year olds who aren’t in education, training or employment. My role is to support and encourage these young people to develop their practical skills in preparation for employment, but also to build their emotional resilience and self-esteem and confidence. Practical and emotional skills are equally important to prepare these young people as our next generation of employees, employers, entrepreneurs, parents and community leaders.

For me, all young people are special, amazing and wonderful in their own right. So many young people in London have extremely difficult lives and they face a wide array of issues on a daily basis. It’s my privilege to watch them grow and develop into incredible young adults.

In recognition of World Youth Skills Day, I’d like to celebrate and say a special thank you to two individuals who, against all odds and barriers, have shown great resilience the determination and happiness. They have both been a great support to their peers and advocates within their own communities. They have also made my work more joyous.


A brilliant, charismatic, energetic, articulate, and fabulous young man. He once told me he just wants to stay out of trouble and make a positive difference to his community. And what a positive difference he has made on both the local and national stage. Since being involved with Talent Match London he has hosted the London Youth Awards (an audience of more than 330 people), consulted with the Big Lottery Fund on programme evaluation, programme designs, and where funding should go to. He was recently interviewed by Channel 4 News about how youth violence deeply affects young Londoners.

In everything he has done he has represented himself and peers brilliantly and he always puts young peoples’ issues and success at the forefront. He is a great representative. No one will ever know how shy or nervous he gets, or how much prep we put in. His lust to make a difference and to be positive is inspiring.


A visually impaired young lady who since engaging with London Youth has come leaps and bounds. Her confidence has grown and she has developed so many new skills and experiences. She is incredibly honest, funny and kind spirited. In all the different activities she has done she has shown leadership, care and has been a positive support to her peers.

She was a presenter at our London Youth Awards. She is a member of the Talent Match London Youth Board. She is currently developing a well-being programme for young Londoners and she continues to champion issues for visually impaired young people. She has completed work placements with Knight Frank, a leading London estate agent and has now been offered two great internships.

Being almost blind hasn’t stopped her; she’s up for giving anything a go. Even hugging elephants! Idil is truly inspirational and a joy to work with.

Happy World Youth Skills Day everyone!


World Youth Skills Day took place on 15th July 2018, having been established by the United Nations in order to raise awareness on the importance of investing in young people’s skills development.

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