fbpx Work experience week with Seyrhia - London Youth

01 July 2016

My name is Seyrhia, I’m from a youth club called Action on Disability and i’m also a part of Dare London. I found out about London Youth when Action on Disability were invited to the Inclusion Residential in 2015 at Hindleap Warren based in East Sussex. I have spent the last 5 days participating in work experience with various members of London Youth at the office in London.

I chose to do work experience at London Youth because I wanted to see how the organisation works. I sat on an interview panel and interviewed 3 people for the role of learning and data officer. I also helped Sophie to edit the website and I joined the first City Leaders training session with other London Youth member clubs.

During my 5 days, I learnt how London Youth runs. They support young people in a variety of different ways including team building activities, residentials and Talent Match London, a programme I didn’t know about before.

When you work in the office it can be quite busy, you have to catch up on work that you’ve missed out on, plan and deliver events, sending emails and give updates to your team about what you’re working on.

London Youth cares about each other, especially young people. I think it is good for young people to be given it a chance to do all the fun things work experience has to offer. This work experience has helped me realise that I want to work with young children in the future.

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