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14 October 2016

My role as a youth advisor on Talent Match London isn’t my first foray into work, but it is my first permanent job and the first where I feel as though I have fully entered the world of work, with everything that it entails.

When I applied for the job and waited for the two interviews and my start date, I didn’t feel prepared. Maybe if I had had more experience in the world of work, I might not have been quite so nervous. Who knows?

In the months working at London Youth office, I’ve been given so many opportunities to grow, both in my role and as a person! Not only has this first full experience of the world of work helped me in terms of the monetary gains that employment offers, it has had a positive effect on me as a person. The role has given me skills that I can use outside of work as well.

When it comes to the world of work, I’ve been able to improve my article writing skills by writing articles on different topics relating to Talent Match London and employment – and learnt many things about youth work. I’ve also learnt how to organise my time better, all this while increasing my confidence.

While I love my  role and all of the things it’s taught me, my time at London Youth has also made me want to learn more about youth work and what it involves. I’ve already learnt  that working in the youth work sector is a lot more than just being a youth worker. I now want to know more about the youth sector, to find out if it could be a possible career option for me in the future.

Would I recommend work experience to young people? Yes. Why? Because it equips you not only with technical skills, but with skills that are important for everyday life, like time management and people skills. All of these things combined lead to an increase in confidence which is probably the best thing anyone needs to find a career, not just a job.

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