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25 October 2013

25 October 2013

I usually prefer to blog critically rather than just talk about how great London Youth’s programmes for young people are but today I’m going to make an exception.

Our Getting Ready sports programme has supported over 6,000 young people into sport since 2009, 40% of whom weren’t previously playing any sport and 90% who are still active a year later.

Now, with support from Sport England, we’re going on to work with a further 4,500 young people aged 14-25 in six boroughs across London in the next three years, whilst also looking to expand our model pan-London.

Getting Ready works because it is:

1.       Embedded in youth clubs. They are safe spaces where young people chose to go and can get access to a range of other opportunities and take on leadership roles.

2.       In partnership; with National Governing Bodies, Pro-Actives, local authorities, youth clubs and a whole host of other delivery partners.

3.       Starting where young people are at; offering a menu of 35 sports including non-contact boxing and street dance and involving young people in the design and delivery of their club’s offer, developing their confidence and relationships alongside physical activity.

We launched our new Sport England supported programme at the brilliant Streatham Youth and Community Trust last night and it really demonstrated that youth clubs can be and are a place for high quality, structured sport to engage those who wouldn’t otherwise be active.

So I hope you’ll forgive me using a blog just to say how great something we do is!

Good Youth Work Works.

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