Youth Involvement Seed Fund 2023

What is the Youth Involvement Seed Fund?

The Youth Involvement Seed fund (YIS) is money and staff support to London Youth members that require additional resources to develop and deliver youth-led decision making structures within their organisations. This is including but not limited to youth boards, young trustees and youth governance initiatives.

Organisations can apply for £600 in project funding, and up to £200 in support costs. Support costs can include a contribution to staff time, overheads and any other relevant resources required for the project.

The fund will be evaluated in July 2023. It is not expected that the youth involvement structure is completed by then, but instead that a strong foundation has been set for youth involvement to continue and flourish beyond the scope of the funding

Alongside funding, successful applicants are offered:

  • Bespoke one-to-one support from London Youth to help deliver the projects
  • Be part of the Youth Involvement Seed Huddles, a bi-monthly session providing the space where youth workers can share best practice, help find solutions to specific challenges and network with one another

Who can apply?

The YIS fund is appropriate for youth organisations that are interested in developing their youth involvement and participation and want to increase their scope for youth-led decision making. London Youth are able to award this grant to eight organisations this year.

You will have to pass London Youth’s due diligence in order to access the funding.

What are we looking for?

Applications should:

  • Showcase a proposal that will facilitate young people to be involved in decision making within the organisation in some way
  • Give young people the chance to meet and talk with senior leadership and/or trustees
  • Illustrate the how youth involvement will continue and be embedded beyond this funding
  • Factor in ongoing leadership training and/or leadership development opportunities

The fund cannot be spent on:

  • Fundraising activities
  • Direct transfers to other charities

Applications that do not show a clear link as to how the proposed idea will influence decision making in the organisation will be rejected.

All applications will be reviewed by London Youth’s Youth Board.

How to apply?

Please complete the YIS fund application form here  by 10pm on Tuesday 28th February 2023. Applications should be written by youth workers, in collaboration with young people where possible. If you have any access requirements or have any questions please contact Kadisha at

This programme is generously funded by the Jimmy Dixon Charitable Trust.