London Youth Microgrants

We are offering up to £400 project funding to encourage young people aged between 14-20 to create a project that promotes or raises awareness of positive mental health and wellbeing in their community.

Young people can apply in two ways

Apply through their youth organisation

The young person applying for the Microgrant will be supported by their youth organisation, and a named youth worker. In this scenario, alongside up to £400 project funding, an additional £250 in supporting costs is available to that organisation.

Apply through London Youth

In this case up to £400 project funding is available to support the young person’s project idea. This is available for young people on our youth board Dare London, and our Futures programme.

The microgrants are funded by Team London at the Greater London Authority (GLA) and have partnered with us at London Youth to award 48 grants between May 2019-May 2020.

How does it work?

The London Youth Microgrants will be released in four rounds over the course of one year. Please see the dates for these rounds below. Young people are encouraged to apply at a time that works best for them.

Successful applicants and their youth workers will be will be invited to project management training at the beginning of their project and given up to £400 on a B4B money card which they can use for the duration of their project. Where a youth worker is supporting the young person with their project, the organisation will receive £250 once the project is completed and all final evaluation returned. Ideally projects will take between two to six months to deliver in total.

We encourage young people to be at the forefront of the project. This means, they should take a lead on the application process, running and budgeting for the project, and evaluating and reporting back.

London Youth has a range of support on offer to microgrant applicants and their youth workers including:

  • Flexible application: different ways to apply including a form or via a phone call are on offer
  • Training for successful applicants: training for young people and youth workers on how to run a successful social action project
  • Check ins: available regularly with a member of London Youth staff to support with any questions or issues
  • Evaluation training: for young people and youth workers towards the end of the project
  • Ongoing links: to other opportunities within our organisation and beyond once the project is completed

Any unsuccessful applicants will be given support and feedback to re-apply in a future round.

I’m a London Youth member, how can I get involved?

Applications will be accepted on paper, online or through a phone call.  London Youth will offer four sets of grant applications, so young people can apply at a time that best suits them. The different cycles begin in:

  • June 2019
  • September 2019
  • February 2020
  • May 2020

We would like to support as many young people as possible in getting the London Youth Microgrant. We’re happy to review draft applications, and answer any questions before submitting. Please note the grant is only available to organisations that are members of London Youth.

If you’d like to register your interest in applying for the Microgrants, please use this link  or contact Kadisha James-Fergus, Youth Action Delivery Officer on  .

Upcoming Dates

The extended deadline for round 3 of applications will be Friday 28th February 2020 at 4pm. 

Please refer to the documents below for the microgrants information pack and application form.


Microgrants Information Booklet – Please ensure you read this before applying.

Apply for a microgrant

There are three ways that young people can apply:

  1. Via the online form here
  2. By downloading the Microgrants Application Form and sending to
  3. An in-depth phone call with Kadisha at a suitable time, please email to arrange this.