Adapting your Keeping it Wild programme


As the sector is getting to grips with the Government’s lockdown policy, London Youth is adapting where possible to ensure consistent support and offer for our members. We know that this is a testing time for you and the young people you work with, but we would like to provide an opportunity to continue running Keeping it Wild and receive the funding attached to this. Below are the key changes to the programme and how we think it can be adapted to best support your organisation and involve young people in this process. 

Working online

We must all ensure the safety of staff and young people and this means no physical meetings will be taking place. In order to keep the programme going we would like to support you by releasing funding that can go towards online packages, allowing you to interact remotely with some of the young people from your group in a safe way. Two ways we can support:  

  • You might have already trialed using virtual meeting spaces, such as Zoom. If you prefer another remote medium, please feel free to suggest what works best for you and your group. 
  • We understand that not all young people will have unlimited data on their devices and can therefore fund £10 per month for each young person until May so they can stay connected with you and engage in Keeping it Wild. You will be sent a volunteering expenses claim form that young people can complete to get money reimbursed for this purpose.  

Important Key areas when working online:

  • Please ensure your organisation is following the latest advice from the Government, keeping up to date as it changes
  • Please continue to work with your colleagues to update organisational policies and procedures around safety and safeguarding, such as risk assessments.
  • We recognise that policies and procedures will be changing in the current context and will develop over time based on experience and training
  • Look after yourself, colleagues and young people. As always within youth work and especially at this time, this is important and something we all need to prioritise.

Useful links:

Key changes to Keeping it Wild 

Registering young people You might have a few young people that might be interested in joining the programme at this point or still have some outstanding forms to fill in. Please find the online registration form here. If young people find it difficult to fill this out themselves please make sure you or their parent/carer can support in the ways you do already anyways.

Project/Campaign ideas  Your team is now ready to plan or even pitch for your project idea. If at this point you and the young people are willing to re-develop an idea that can work in the current context, we would encourage you to think about an online social action projectIn this way, you still create community-and conservation impact as well as develop young people’s skills and leadership qualities whilst keeping safe. The main criteria for a digital social action project are 

  • It should be youth-lead 
  • It should have a community benefit and social- and environmental impact (for example, raising awareness about the protection and conservation of wild spaces in your local area, appreciating nature especially now where we need to spend more time indoors etc.) 
  • It should create additional opportunities for others (e.g. enabling other young people, members of the community to get involved/ inspired 

We welcome groups to use creative methods to communicate a message and encourage others to engage.  We have also included some short, reflective, creative session plans below from London Youth and some guidance created in partnership with London Wildlife Trust and Headliners to support with online sessions you may wish to use:

Keeping it Wild remote session plans

Digital SAP Guidance DOC

Spreading the word using social media

Headliners- Photo Elements

Headliners- Documentary Film Elements

Pitch Event – We appreciate the complications meeting and pitching an idea to a wider audience. To simplify this step, we are happy for you to just fill out this online form instead. Cassie will then get in touch with you and discuss the idea in more detail before we can sign it off. To ensure that young people are still involved in this process we will run the ideas by our Dare London Youth board and forward any questions to be answered by your group before signing off the idea.  


With many organisations keen to respond rapidly to the emerging needs of young people and their community, we would like to reduce the number of processes involved in releasing funding for activities. Therefore, we are offering to release Share/Conserve stage funding in either one payment or in smaller installments to focus on immediate delivery only at this point, whichever you prefer. Please refer to this online form.  

If you have any questions at this point please get in touch with