Keeping it Wild

An inclusive social action project providing opportunities for young people to engage in creative wildlife conservation and campaigning. 

Keeping it Wild is a programme that brings the youth and conservation sectors together to provide exciting opportunities for young people to engage with and protect the capital’s wild spaces, funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund 

London Youth is a part of a consortium of organisations led by London Wildlife Trust to deliver a three-year programme that will inspire hundreds of young people. It encourages young people to reflect on natural spaces, learn more about protecting wildlife and then take part in developing and delivering a project or creative campaign to raise awareness and encourage practical conservation in local communities. 

How does it work? 

In its final year of delivery London Youth is supporting its members to involve groups of young people aged between 11 and 25 who traditionally may not engage in wildlife conversation or natural heritage work. 

As the sector adapts to the current context, we are working to ensure programme continues to have a positive impact. We are increasingly aware that connecting with nature and the wellbeing benefits this brings are so important right now. With this in mind, flexibility to this programme include moving delivery online where better suited, stages and funding being combined to increase accessibility and project criteria are being adapted to what is doable now.  

Keeping it Wild will support groups of young people through progressive stages: 

  1. Discover and Explore stage – each group will get an interactive online introduction to the programme – a ‘Wild Meet’ – with London Youth and the London Wildlife Trust, to understand the importance of protecting our local wildlife now. It will cover how to design and deliver a project that works within the current context and will raise awareness and inspire others. This will also include some media training with Headliners with plenty of ways to get creative. Following this you will receive the resources to dive deeper into using multi-media as a tool to support your project and challenges you can use on your guided walk at a London Wildlife Trust site. During this stage your group will have the opportunity to decide on a fun team bonding experience together. 

2. Share and Conserve stages – after a few online group sessions, led by your youth worker and your participants the young people will decide on an idea to have a positive impact on the natural environment. This could be by creating digital media content, running a social media campaign, or getting the community involved through your creativity. It could also involve a practical conservation project, like creating a natural habitat to attract more wildlife to your area or creating a garden for your community. All of these methods will have a positive impact on how young people interact with their local green spaces and wildlife and leave a lasting impression on the importance of nature, especially in urban areas. 

As they develop their own digital social action projects and campaigns, young people will gain vital skills such as teamwork, media skills, increased resilience and improved wellbeing as well as building their confidence in working on environmental issues. 


What else is included? 

An additional offer as part of Keeping it Wild is the opportunity to gain a John Muir Award from the John Muir Trust to help structure young people’s learning about nature as well as receive media training with Headliners to document their experiences whilst working on their projects. 

I’m a London Youth member, how can I get involved? Get in touch with Allia, our Youth Action Delivery Officer.

We are currently recruiting for organisations to take part in this programme across London. If you’d like to register your interest in taking part or would like to learn more about the project, contact