Frequently asked questions

Is there a specific length of time for the paid work experience / job that young people interview for on the programme?

No, although we would recommend a minimum one week placement if using a work experience incentive. If providing access to interviews for part-time / seasonal jobs or internships the length of time may then vary.

 8 blocks within the HeadStart Action Model: how much flexibility is there to deliver content in this format?

A toolkit is provided to support the work in each of the blocks (set out on page 11 of the RFP) for all partners to use. The programme will ensure it covers core objectives but also ensure tie in with the organisations remit.

Does the programme need to be a new local authority area or can it be an area we already work with?

We want partners to feel confident in the unique areas they work in and are aiming for the programme to be a localised project. It will be led by the partner but ideally would like the applications to be geographically spread.

Would you be unlikely to fund a partner that already works in Southwark / other boroughs currently delivering the programme?

No – this will not be disregarded entirely but there will be close analysis on where you are operating in Southwark / other boroughs and will look closely into the offer.

Could you clarify what you mean by ‘social action’?

  • It’s important for you to understanding social action before engaging young people into it.
  • As set out in the RFP, all proposals will need to support young people to spend at least 16 hours completing an engaging, impactful social action project tackling local issues. All proposals will need to show how their activities apply the six principles of quality youth social action, ensuring they demonstrate a clear double benefit – to the young person who takes part by developing their skills, character and life opportunities as well as to a community, cause or social problem. Work experience with a for-profit organisation would therefore not be an eligible activity.

If you work for a local charity that deliver mentoring schemes for example, but do not have the ‘social action’ aspect within their work, what resources will be provided?

  • The programme will incorporate a Programme Officer from London Youth working with the partner and London Youth can take a group approach into social action. Workshop materials will be provided but the partner can co-deliver workshops with the Programme Officer they are working with.
  • London Youth can also deliver training (decided upon needs of members) i.e. the social action team at London Youth can provide the wider London youth training offer, so there will support available throughout. There is also an opportunity for partners to come together in a series of meetings to identify key challenges, offer advice and best practice.

Can the smaller organisation be integrated into the programme?

  • Certainly, able to have a two-tier approach – there is not a massive need for big corporate partners and the sense of community is encouraged although Team London and London Youth do have existing relationships with larger corporate organisations and feel these sectors can give a young person an insight into the world of work and get them stepping out of their boroughs / comfort zones.
  • Working with the employer and integrated working is certainly encouraged, if that came up as a need, support will be available and there is flexibility for this.
  • Creating a bespoke employer training model – a website is currently being designed (housing website for employers) to provide resources and help identify employer needs / requirements. This is in the early stages but may be up and running within the next 3 months.

The existing corporate partners – are you expecting us to work with them?

We are looking for you to source partners, but support will be provided by London Youth if needed.

What is included in the toolkits?

A series of resources are provided including personal development sheets/ resources, referral forms, branding and templates, surveys, workshop presentations and assessments.

The time between someone who is successful and the start of the delivery (tight deadline) – any clarification on this?

The period between April – May is when the implementation meetings will take place which will be assessing your needs. If 2-3 months is needed for planning & implementation this is feasible as this time can be spent planning this has been kept loose to ensure effective delivery.

Can you apply for the funding in partnership with another charity?

Yes but the roles and how you will work together needs to be clear.

How closely was the NCS work that The Challenge did link with the programme?

They were separate entities – All young people are open to take part in the NCS programme.

Can we hold a grant from both Headstart Action and the main Young Londoner’s Fund?

If your organisation has already received a Young Londoners Fund grant any proposal you make under round 2 must add value to your current funded project. You must make clear in your application the difference from any other project that you deliver which is funded through the Young Londoners Fund. For example, your proposal could:
• Build on your current project to meet demand to support more children, young people or parents/carers
• Deliver in a different geographic area
• Support children and young people with different characteristics
• Deliver a different activity.

Please consider the above points before applying. If you are in receipt of YLF funding, please include details of this in your application.

Are there any restrictions around young people turning 19 on the programme?

As set out in the RFP, young people will need to be aged 14 to 18 when starting the programme.

Is there a maximum income threshold for organisations applying to the fund?

Yes, as set out in the RFP, Your organisation must exist to benefit your local community, and you will have a turnover of no more than £500,000. If you are a small grass-roots organisation/community hub and due to your funding and delivery model, you have a turnover higher than £500,000 and you meet all other requirements for the programme, please let us know by emailing us before you submit your application.

Do you need to be a member of London Youth to apply?

If you are not an existing member you will be asked to become a member which is highly recommended as there is a variety of training on offer (e.g. Health & Safety). It costs £150 for the year but if you require more information you can liaise with the membership team at London Youth.