Summer City Leaders

Over the past few months London Youth has been adapting and flexing programmes wherever possible. For the Youth Action team, this has meant changes so that young people can deliver safe and engaging social action in their communities. We’d like to invite you get involved in the specially adapted, Summer City Leaders.

Youth Social action this summer
We know that this summer will not be business as usual; with provision changed, trips postponed and activities adapted. We know that that young people can still lead change on important issues that impact them, so we are offering members the chance to run their own Summer City Leaders projects in July and August 2020.

Summer City Leaders is a social action programme for teams of young people to come together and create impactful projects that have a positive impact on themselves, other young people and within their community. The project comes with up to £2000 of funding, as well online training and a dedicated London Youth staff support to guide you through the process.

Summer City Leaders Team
The project will involve a core group – with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 15 young people, aged mostly 14-18 –  to develop ideas that will benefit other young people and the community.

As so much provision has moved online, we know that there is opportunity to continue to engage. To work on the programme this summer we’d expect that you are already working with a group of young people or can recruit a group in a short time scale. From experience, we find that it works well if the core group meet weekly to ensure they stay on track.

Young people will shape their own project, within the criteria that:

  • involve young people in the design, decision making and delivery
  • improve the organisation’s offer for young people
  • have a positive impact on other young people beyond the core team
  • have a positive impact on the community
  • are risk assessed and keep young people and staff safe, in line with current guidance

The funding – totalling £2000 – will be for activity costs as well as support costs such as staff time to make the project happen. To receive the funding, teams will need to complete an online form detailing the project idea (and how this fits the criteria) and a budget.

Ideally, we’d also like to meet the group and hear them present their idea. If possible to do, this will be online and arranged in a way that works for the team.

Your project idea will be reviewed by London Youth staff and members of our youth board and we will then schedule a follow up call with the youth worker to ask any questions and give feedback.

Who can apply?
With limited spaces and time, we are prioritising spaces for London Youth members that:

  • Have not taken part in a London Youth social action programme in the last year
  • Can recruit young people and deliver a small-scale project in a short space of time
  • Can have their project started no later than 17th August
  • Submit their evaluation documents by 18th September

Next steps

To apply to the Summer City Leaders Programme, please send us an email telling us your organisation, where you are based and:

1) How will Summer City Leaders impact on the young people and community you work with?

2) How will young people be leading the decision making of the project?

Please send your responses to by Friday 17th July at midday.
Please make sure you will be available for a short training on Thursday 23rd  before applying.

Note: Due to the number of spaces on the programme, applications will be looked at based on geographical location to be equitable across our membership.  We will also prioritise applications from members who have not previously taken part in the City Leaders Programme.

Safety & Safeguarding

This table outlines the key areas of focus in regards to safety and safeguarding on the City Leaders programme and other programmes throughout London Youth.

Key area Notes Links and resources
Keeping up to date with government advice Please ensure your organisation is following the latest advice from the Government, keeping up to date as it changes. o


Keeping up to date with sector guidance All youth provision will be different but we suggest engaging with the National Youth Agency’s guidance on youth centres and detached work o
Updating policies and procedures Please continue to work with your colleagues to update organisational policies and procedures around safety and safeguarding, such as risk assessments.


We recognise that these will be changing in the current context and will develop over time based on experience and training.


o   Internet Watch Foundation

o   Safer Internet

o   NSPCC advice


Looking after yourself and others Look after yourself, colleagues and young people. As always within youth work, and especially at this time, this is important and something we all need to prioritise. o



Please continue to work with your colleagues to update organisational policies and procedures around safety and safeguarding, such as risk assessing online activity. We recognise that these will be changing in the current context but please see the guidance above and keep checking our dedicated COVID-19 page.