Tackling negative influences through social action.

Funded by Children in Need, Stronger Voices is an innovative pilot programme which will use the power of dialogue and social action to combat negative influences in communities, ranging from extremism through to gang culture, crime and bullying. The programme has been shaped through consultations with our members and young people to ensure it provides an interesting, safe and exciting opportunity for participants.

Stronger Voices will engage up to 60 young people aged 10-18 over the next year, from at least 6 members across London. Over the course of 6 months, participants will:

  • Take part in six weekly sessions of an hour to explore issues in their community around negative influences and start thinking about practical, positive action they could take to make a difference
  • Join us at a residential weekend at Woodrow High House to bond as a group, discuss their ideas, and plan and pitch their projects
  • Design, pitch for and deliver a social action project that in some way tackles one or more of the negative influences they discussed in their weekly sessions. Groups will be able to access up to £500 to help them deliver their project

Participating member will have access to a safeguarding toolkit that explores how vulnerable young people can be affected by negative influences and practical steps to protect them. Using the learning from this programme, London Youth will look to distribute this information across its network and improve the way negative influences are tackled in youth organisations across the capital.

For more information please contact Beth Adams, Youth Action Delivery Officer – beth.adams@londonyouth.org.