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*New* Sport for Development Learning Grant

We are currently looking to support 30 London Youth members on our Getting Active Programme 2021-2022 with grants of up to £3,000 to develop shared learning in Sport for Development work.  

Building on our focus to increase participation in sport and physical activity, we want to understand how sport can be used as tool in youth work to ensure young people are physically and emotionally well, have the skills, knowledge, and networks to work towards career goals, and are inspired and enabled to make positive contributions to their communities.  

This grant is designed to allow you to test an idea or expand on a pilot you may have tried already that uses physical activity as a tool to address one of the following thematic areas:   

  • Connecting Communities   
  • Mental and Physical Wellbeing   
  • Tackling Inequalities   
  • Skill Development   



The main focus of this grant is to develop shared learning and is designed to allow you to test an idea or expand on a pilot you may have tried already that uses physical activity as a tool for development with young people. As such, the grant does not have set targets or guidelines in terms of the focus of your work, the age or background of the young people you are working with, or the structure of the delivery.  

While there are no specific targets to meet, all projects should demonstrate how they work to achieve the two following key outcomes:  

  • Improved physical activity
  • Improved/increased skills (technical skills via an accreditation or qualification and/or essential skills such as communication and leadership)



Session 1 – Mid-December

Session 2 – Mid-March

Session 3 –  Mid-May


Delivery to be completed by end of May 2022 

Final reporting to be returned mid-June 2022 


Grant Eligibility and MEL Requirements :

While the grant doesn’t have a set delivery structure or targets, there are a few requirements to be eligible to receive this grant:    

  • You must be a current member on our Getting Active programme for 2021-2022 (and have successfully met DD requirements)  
  • Delivery of your project must be completed by end of May 2022, with all MEL requirements completed and returned by mid-June 2022   
  • A commitment to three learning sessions with your thematic group throughout the course of the project   


This grant is learning-centred, and as such requires a time commitment to MEL which should be reflected in your budget outline in your application (please include overall costs for MEL and staff time). The MEL requirements for this project are:   

  • 3 learning sessions with your thematic group   
  • One session to co-design the MEL for your project, including agreeing the outcomes you will focus on and agreeing appropriate data collection methods for your young people   
  • One session to discuss learnings with other members, LY Sports team, and external partners with expertise in the field   
  • One final reflective session to discuss challenges, successes, failures, and learnings from your project   
  • Basic demographics of young people via reporting tool    
  • Standardised point in time or reflective endpoint surveys    



Applications for this grant are now open, and applications can be completed here. Applications will close Friday, November 19th, 2021. Decisions will be communicated by November 29th, 2021 

You can find full guidance here: Sport for Development Learning Grant Guidance.

For more information about the Sport for Development Learning grant get in touch with