Sports Development

We were founded in 1887, inspired by the simple idea that every young person has something to gain from having somewhere to go, something to do and someone to trust – sport remains central to that 135 years on.

We know that sport and physical activity is a source of hope for young Londoners.

By combining the power of youth work and sport, and working with grassroots community organisations across the city, we tackle the inequalities faced by young people. This improves their physical and mental wellbeing, and gives them the skills and experiences they need, now and for their future success.

What’s special about London Youth sports?

Through our sports development programmes, events, trainings and networks, we ensure:

  • Young Londoners are physically and emotionally well
  • Young Londoners have skills, knowledge and networks
  • Young Londoners are inspired and enabled to make positive contributions to communities
  • London’s youth sector has better quality, more resilient youth workers and youth organisations

In 2021/22, we improved young people’s:

Physical activity

42% of young people on Getting Active increased the number of days they were active for.

Getting Active reduced Inactivity from 42% to only 9%.

88% of the Sport for Development Learning Grant participants said they are now more active.


85% of participants saw an overall increase in confidence.

88% of Getting Active participants saw increased confidence in a particular activity.

76% reported an increase in self-esteem and have a positive attitude towards themselves after the Sport for Development Programme.

Enjoyment & Empowerment

96% of those who took part enjoyed themselves or had fun.

84% of participants in our programmes felt they had a choice over what they did or didn’t do.

88% felt their views, ideas and opinions were listened to.

Access to opportunities

75% of participants have tried new sports.

In particular, the NGB programmes have helped young people to take part in sports (fencing and golf) that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to try.

Skill Development

68% of Getting Active participants feel more confident about being a leader in activities.

88% of event participants agree that their teamworking skills have improved.

84% of Sport for Development participants show improved social skills, being more comfortable with people who are different to them.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

86% have made new friends.

92% feel happier.

83% better understand how to live a healthy life.

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To find out more about our Sport Development work, please contact John Jones, Sports Development Manager – / 07736 619 595.


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