VRU Youth Practitioner Advisory Board

VRU Youth Practitioners’ Advisory Board – Now recruiting

In January 2022 London’s Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) and London Youth created a new advisory board that brought frontline experiences of  violence impacting young people to the heart of  their work with young people and communities.

Working closely with Rise Up – a leadership development programme for frontline youth workers-  and other VRU networks, ten frontline youth practitioners were recruited to form the VRU Youth Practitioner Advisory Board (YPAB). The YPAB brings together a diverse range of practitioners’ experiences to enhance efforts to prevent violence impacting young people by:

  • Informing, supporting and influencing the VRU regarding its key programmes and best practice
  • Providing frontline expertise and learning on emerging trends
  • Working with the VRU’s Young People’s Action Group to understand its work and how best to collaborate
  • Helping the VRU to develop and maintain relationships across the sector

What does the VRU YPAB do?

By sharing their unique practitioners’ perspective, the YPAB has helped further the work of London’s VRU and London Youth through a number of ways. Some examples of work undertaken in the last year include:

  • Supporting the VRU in commissioning of services
  • Sharing frontline experience though media and comms work (blogs and podcasts)
  • Sitting on recruitment panels and shortlisting for London Youth and VRU roles
  • Consulting on areas of work such the VRU’s RMEL outcomes Framework and cost of living crisis
  • Helping develop  London Youth’s – ‘Tackling Youth Violence’ Network
  • Representing the YPAB at conferences and events such as the London Hope Hack
  • Developing VRU supported London Youth programmes such as Rise Up

What do VRU YPAB members gain?

As part of the VRU’s investment, the Advisory Board will:

  • Be paid £125 per core meeting 2.5 hour meeting (all core meetings will be face to face)
  • Be paid hourly rate of £25 for online meetings or pre-reading and £50 for in person work such as sitting on interview panels
  • Gain an insight into the work of City Hall and the VRU, including learning and shaping how decisions are made
  • Work closely with the team to better understand the VRU and how it works with others
  • Engage with the VRU Young People’s Action Group to understand its work and how they can work together
  • Receive bespoke opportunities based on self-identified development needs
  • Build networks with likeminded professionals within the YPAB and beyond

How can I apply?

Applications are now open and will close on Friday 3rd March. In order to apply you will need to complete this survey. 

After London Youth and the VRU have assessed applications, successful applicants will be invited to an online interview the week of  13th March.

If you have any questions please email Robbie.cheyne@londonyouth.org