Rise Up: Youth Practitioners’ Leadership Programme



Rise Up Grants

Grants of £1,000 to £5,000 are available to Rise Up alumni and current participants to lead on a piece of work or research that contributes to improved understanding of youth violence reduction and interventions.  


What could I do with a Rise Up grant? 

We are looking for proposals that: 

  • add value to your organisation’s youth work practice, the young people you work with and/or the community 
  • show a clear link to preventative youth violence interventions in some form 

With a small amount of funding we don’t expect your project to be large in scale. Projects could be: 

  • A small piece of research 
  • A project to develop new partnership working 
  • Trialling a new method or approach within an existing activity for young people 
  • Training sessions to develop staff  
  • Trialling a new activity for young people 

You can apply for a grant independently or in collaboration with another Rise Up participant.

Note: Grant funding must be received by an organisation with a bank account in their name. If you are self-employed then you will have to buddy up with another participant who is an employee and whose organisation is able to receive the funding.


Why should I apply? 

  • Further develop your leadership skills and experiences – put your Rise Up learning into practice  
  • Test an idea on a small scale – gather learning and an evidence base to build on  
  • Strengthen your network of frontline practitioners – collaborate with other Rise Up participants 
  • Improve youth violence interventions – share learnings with peers, colleagues, and the wider sector 


What commitment is needed? 

This is an opportunity for you to lead on a project from start to finish – this means you will need to be committed to all stages of the process (from application to delivery to reporting!).

As much as possible, we have kept the admin required to a bare minimum as we recognise practitioners busy schedules and that these are small funding pots. We have also included the option for you to send in an audio, video or PowerPoint project submission should this be more accessible/time efficient for you.

Before applying, we recommend considering what capacity you have and what support you might be able to get to carry out your project idea within the funding round you are applying within (e.g., through your organisation, volunteers, fellow participants).

Note that those receiving between £3-5k might be approached to share a case study.


What support will I get?

We hope your organisation will be supportive and that your project will complement what you already do, offering funding to enable you to try something new.  

The Rise Up team can also offer:  

  • All the information upfront so that you can make an informed decision about whether to apply 
  • Feedback on your application idea to set you up for success 
  • Resources and guidance on making an application  
  • Clear templates for grant reporting 


What’s next? 

Round 1 – You completed your Rise Up programme between 2021-2022

  • Expression of Interest deadline – 17th April 
  • Application deadline – 15th May
  • Notification – 22nd May
  • Money deposited by – 29th June

Round 2 – You are on the current Rise Up programme 

  • Expression of Interest deadline – 15th May 
  • Application deadline – 5th June 
  • Notification – 12th June 
  • Money deposited by – 17th July

Round 3 – You are on the current Rise Up programme 

  • Expression of Interest deadline – 5th June 
  • Application deadline – 3rd July 
  • Notification – 10th July 
  • Money deposited by – 14th August

All grant recipients will: 

  • Be required to complete paperwork within one week of receiving a successful notification 
  • Receive money in organisation’s bank within 30 days of completing paperwork 
  • Be required to complete the delivery of your project by 31st October and reporting by 17th November

Note: you don’t have to express interest to apply, this is only if you would like feedback on your initial idea before making a formal application.


Your key links 

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Our partnership

The programme is designed and delivered in partnership with Leap Confronting Conflict who bring expertise in delivering specialist training, and Clore Social Leadership who have an established third-sector leadership development model.

Leap Confronting Conflict
For over 30 years, Leap Confronting Conflict (Leap) has designed programmes to transform the way conflict is managed by young people and the adults who support them. By developing creative and adaptable approaches, Leap support young people to deal with immediate issues, whilst also addressing some of the longer term, systematic patterns of behaviour that lead to violent and destructive expressions of conflict.

Clore Social Leadership
A national charity supporting and developing social leaders so they can transform their communities, organisations and the world around them. They help make social change happen by investing in people and enabling them to become resilient, connected and collaborative leaders with the capabilities to tackle 21st century challenges.

The Mayor of London’s Violence Reduction Unit (VRU)
Set up in 2018 to prevent the spread of violent crime in London, the VRU brings together specialists from health, police, local government, probation and community organisations to tackle violent crime and the underlying causes of violent crime. We are grateful to the Mayor of London’s Violence Reduction Unit for funding this programme and investing in frontline youth practitioners across the capital.