Silver Quality Mark

We are currently reviewing our Silver framework. The Silver Quality Mark is not currently being delivered as a year-long programme like the Bronze. If you’d like to undertake your Silver Quality Mark, we can send you our current starter pack so you can get going on gathering your evidence for each indicator.

You will be assigned an MDO who will support you as you work towards your Silver. Please note that you’ll need to have a valid Bronze Quality Mark at the time of your Silver assessment. If you have a valid Bronze Quality Mark which is expiring soon, you’d need to complete our revalidation form to maintain your Bronze status for a further three years.

Please let us know if you’d like to be sent your Silver starter pack and whether you’d need to revalidate your Bronze. Our team will be in touch and will assign you your MDO.


If you have any questions about Silver Quality Mark, please email 


To undertake the Silver Quality Mark, complete an express of interest form.


Silver Quality Mark Recertifications  

Silver Quality Marks are valid for three years from the date the member is awarded. Members who would like to maintain their Silver Quality Mark will need to undertake a recertification process. Throughout the next year, we will be reviewing this process for Silver level. Once this review is complete, we will notify member and the changes.  

Complete Silver Quality Mark recertification request form