Quality Assurance Programme: FAQs

We have been working on the Bronze Quality Mark using the old framework, are we ok to continue using this or do we need to use the new version?

As of June 2022, members are required to use the new framework when completing the BQM. 

We would like to take part in the Bronze Quality Mark but want to find out more about it.

Our Bronze Quality Mark will now be delivered as a programme. This means that members will need to apply to undertake it and commit to completing it within the year. We have introduced an application process for the Bronze Quality Mark due to the increased demand for this particular level. For more information, please check out ourQuality Assurance webpage for any updates and information on when the application process will be open for the next programme. Members can also download our new Bronze framework to support your organisations Quality Assurance journey.     

Do we need to apply for Bronze Quality Mark before applying for the others or is it possible to start qualifying for silver or gold straightaway? 

You will need to complete the Bronze level to begin with, it isn’t possible to jump straight to Silver or Gold. You will be able to progress to Silver once you’ve achieved your Bronze award.

After receiving the Bronze Quality Mark, are we allowed to display its logo and London Youth logo on our website to show that we have been awarded the Quality Mark?

You are more than welcome to use the logos and certificate your MDO sent to you when you achieved your Bronze Quality Mark. If you do not have access to this, we will be happy resend this to you via email.