Bronze Quality Mark

Members who undertake the Bronze Quality Mark Programme this year will have: 

  • A full induction into the Bronze Quality Mark programme  
  • A minimum of three check-in meetings with a London Youth staff member 
  • Access to our extensive training offer that supports you in completing your Bronze Quality Mark 
  • Access to our comprehensive Resources Library



2023-24 programme year 

The 2023-24 Bronze Quality Mark Programme is already fully subscribed.  The team that delivers all three levels of the Bronze Quality Programme is very small, and as a result we are limited with how many members we support through the Bronze Quality Mark each year.  Members on the programme will receive bespoke support and have regular check ins with an London Youth staff member.



Bronze Quality Mark Programme

Members who have not applied and would like to undertake the Bronze programme will need to complete an expression of interest form (EOI). We will add you to the list of people wishing to start next year and if a space becomes free on this years programme we will be in touch. 

In the meantime, we recommend that you get started on your quality assurance journey by:  

  1. Downloading the Bronze 2022 framework  
  2. Reading the framework thoroughly so you can see what is expected of your organisation.  
  3. Get started by using our Quality Assurance Resources Library  
  4. Make a start with gathering your evidence (that way you’ll be ahead of the curve when you officially start!) 

To apply for the Bronze Quality Mark programme, complete an expression of interest form.



Bronze Revalidation 

Bronze Quality Mark logo

Members must have a valid Quality Mark in order move onto the next award level. Quality Marks are valid for a total of three years, from the awarded date. Members have the opportunity to revalidate their Quality Mark.  

The Bronze revalidation process involves: 

  • Completing a revalidation form 
  • Sharing some key evidence with an assessor  
  • Hosting a visit from an MDO or assessor. 

Complete a revalidation form

We do not currently offer a revalidation process for Silver or Gold Quality Marks. This process will be designed as part of the redesign of these two quality mark levels.