Future Talent

Delivering development and experience opportunities to young Londoners

Future Talent is a pilot programme launched in April 2019 with 10 London Youth member organisations. At the heart of Future Talent is the importance of  working early with young people (aged 14-18), exciting them with opportunities and providing first-hand experience of positive career pathsLondon Youth will support them through the trusted relationships they already hold within their youth organisations and with their youth workers. 

The programme will develop their essential skills (Skills Builder), improve employability skills and provide them with opportunities to build up their social and professional networks from attending inspire events and work experience opportunities in a range of sectors.

The components of the programme are:


  1. Personal development – developing life and employability skills such as staying positive, teamwork and problem solving
  2. Inspire – introducing young people to the workplace and enabling them to grow their professional nextworks
  3. Experience – multiple, meaningful work experiences to inform future career decisions
  4. Support – one-to-one coaching and mentoring by youth workers
  5. Capacity building – developing employability resources and staff skills at youth organisations


The programme has been funded by JP Morgan Chase Foundation. For more information, please get in touch.