All young Londoners deserve to be excited and inspired about their futures  

London Youth believes in supporting young people to explore what’s out there to identify positive career paths, providing opportunities to gain direct experience of the world of work in order to increase their future employment prospectsOur approach is complementary to their formal education. 

Our early intervention actively seeks to reduce the chance of long-term youth unemployment, which we know increases the likelihood of unemployment in later life, lower earnings and poorer well-being (House of Commons 2017).

We understand firsthand that race is a significant factor, with young Londoners of colour twice as likely to be unemployed as their white peers (House of Commons 2018). Currently 56% of young Londoners are from BAME communities (MOPAC 2018), so safeguarding their economic prospects is crucial.

Our programme models recognise that getting young people into employment is as much about building self-confidence and personal development, as well as educational attainment. That’s why we engage young people through our youth organisation members which are located at the hearts of communities across London. These are places young people enjoy attending and feel at home, where long-standing and trusted relationships already exist between young people and their youth workers, making them ideal for young people to get Information, Advice and Guidance.

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If you are an employer or a London Youth member and would like to take part in any of these programmes, or would like to talk about supporting young people into meaningful work please get in contact by email or call 020 7549 8800 and ask for the Employability Team.