Young Creators

Providing young Londoners access to creative activities in their youth club

The Young Creators programme is a youth club-based arts and creative development programme that will engage at least 120 young Londoners with creative activities (12-15 from each organisation, there is no age restriction). Alongside delivery to young people, youth workers will attend a series of 5 trainings which will cover delivering creative activities, funding creative activities and supporting young people with their mental health & wellbeing.

Young people on the programme will:

  • have opportunities to try new art forms through 3 arts taster sessions
  • develop their creative skills through an 8 week arts project
  • gain greater insight into creative careers through Inspire Events with industry professionals

As well as trying out different art forms and taking part in a creative project with an artist, the programme will contribute to an improvement in the mental health and wellbeing of the young people taking part. A wider goal of the programme is to establish new, meaningful and lasting partnerships between the youth and arts sectors.

How does it work?

  1. Explore: youth organisations team up with local artists to offer creative taster sessions to young people, where they can try out new art forms
  2.  Create: 8-weeks of creative workshops delivered in a community setting and supported by artists and local partner organisations, where young people design and lead their own art project
  3. Inspire: young people meet creative arts professionals and gain an insight into the world-leading creative opportunities London has to offer whilst discovering how to carve out their own creative industries career
  4. Showcase: we bring all our Young Creators together at the end of the programme to exhibit their creations, network and celebrate their achievements


I’m a London Youth member – how can I get involved?

We have now completed delivery on this pilot programme with 10 London Youth members having delivered Young Creators. The Programme Evaluation Report was produced by our external evaluators Shephard and Moyes Ltd. and can be accessed by clicking the link below. If you have any questions, or would like to work on the programme as an arts partner, please contact

The Young Creators programme is funded by: