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08 September 2014

Monday 8 September

The VIY Volunteer It Yourself programme has been included on the 2014 New Radicals list, compiled by Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation, and The Observer. London Youth successfully delivered the first phase of VIY in partnership with Cospa, Wickes, City & Guilds and other partners from 2012 to 2014. During that time we supported  1,299 young people and 293 tradespeople to refurbish 59 youth club buildings across the UK.

Over 1000 participants earned a City & Guilds qualification and 96 have gone on to secure employment as a direct result of the programme. London Youth will continue to be a partner in the next phase of VIY for which planning is currently underway.

The New Radicals list, first launched in 2012, comprises 50 people and projects that are being celebrated for changing Britain for the better by offering innovative ways to tackle social challenges.

The VIY model sees young volunteers mentored by professional tradespeople while fixing local youth club buildings and carrying out essential repairs.

VIY encourages young volunteers to take responsibility for the upkeep and management of the places they use and benefit from, while learning trade skills that can lead to future employment opportunities.

Rosie Ferguson, chief executive of London Youth said: VIY is a great project which works on so many levels. Young people get the chance to try something new, learn skills, and develop their confidence, resilience and relationships – as well as taking a real stake in renovating their youth clubs. And for the youth clubs, as well as getting new facilities, they can run an engaging programme and build strong links with supporters from within the community.

We’re delighted that the partnership between Cospa, London Youth, Wickes and a number of regional youth organisations has been recognised as a New Radical idea, and are looking forward to taking our learning into the next phase.’

Geoff Mulgan, Nesta CEO, comments: ‘New Radicals celebrates the often unsung heroes who are blazing new trails that could benefit us all, whether in schools or care homes, science or the arts. It’s designed to complement the very familiar lists that celebrate the rich, the powerful and the famous, and we hope that once again the list can inspire others to turn their enthusiasm and ideas into practical change for the better.’

The full list of 50 2014 New Radicals can be found on the Nesta and Observer websites.

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