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31 July 2019

Rosemary Watt-Wyness, our Chief Executive, joined a discussion broadcast on Victoria Derbyshire (BBC Two) on 31st July around tackling serious violence. The piece follows the publication of the Commons Home Affairs Committee’s Serious Youth Violence report, which recommended creating a ‘youth service obligation’ of provision available to all young people.

Rosemary said:

We have 500 youth organisations in our network and what we hear again and again is that the cuts to youth services have had tragic consequences. What they have said to us is that what the Government has set out with the public health approach is the right approach, but it’s not going to make a difference unless it’s got proper and sustained funding behind it and we’re not seeing that at the moment.

The point we think is crucial is about investing in local, community youth services. It’s the places outside of school that feel safe to young people, where they choose to go, where they can interact and build relationships with trusted adults. Like we see in George’s gym, Carney’s Community. It’s those places we need to invest in.

Also on the panel was George Turner, from London Youth member Carney’s Community.

You can see a clip from the interview below or watch the whole interview here (from 38:25).

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