26 March 2018

In The Violence Virus: A Community Response to Reducing Youth Violence in London, London Community Foundation shows the ways in which community-based organisations actively reduce the rising damage of youth violence in London’s communities.

The report calls for a long-term, multi-agency approach to youth violence in London. It emphasises that community organisations have the experience, trust, compassion, and expertise to meaningfully address youth violence, but this isn’t matched with the necessary support. Community organisations are able to provide:

  • Prevention: They recognise triggers and react before and at first signs, providing early intervention support.
  • Crisis intervention: They are experts in providing immediate, emergency support and conflict mediation.
  • After care: They specialise in providing rehabilitation and long-term support

Rosemary Watt-Wyness, our Chief Executive, is quoted in the report: “It is vital to have spaces within our communities that are open to all young people, where they can play, learn and develop. Young people’s struggles for emotional wellbeing and mental health are at record levels, especially in London. The opportunity for fun provided by local community youth centres is proven to support their happiness, confidence and resilience.”

Read the full report here.

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