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02 November 2020

The Guardian has reported on our new collaboration with Burberry to support disadvantaged young people in London.

Burberry is also partnering with English international footballer and youth advocate, Marcus Rashford MBE, in joining forces with charities supporting young people across the world, empowering the voices that will shape our tomorrow, and in support of his efforts to end child food poverty.

In London, 15 youth centres selected by Burberry and the organisation London Youth will receive grants. The brand anticipates that this project will help tens of thousands of young people worldwide. London Youth will use the money for meals and support with school work, while Norbrook will be improving their outdoor space.

The announcement of the 22-year-old England striker’s partnership with Burberry today will be accompanied by the publication of a moving letter the footballer wrote to his 10-year-old self.

“When you fall, which you will,” he says, “there will always be neighbours and friends to catch you. There is no need to feel ashamed because they will catch you without judgment and comment. No questions asked. Feel the warmth of those around you and know that one day, you are going to have the platform to repay them.”

He adds: “For a young boy who says so little, one day you will have a voice that speaks for many.

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