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30 January 2014

The Attlee Foundation was established in 1967 to benefit people disadvantaged by poverty or lack of opportunity, in particular young people – and in so doing, to build on Clement Attlee's life achievements and work.

Clement Attlee initially volunteered and then became a paid youth/social worker in the Spitalfields area of Tower Hamlets in the East End of London.  His experience of the issues facing the communities and young people he supported completely changed his outlook on life.  He created new opportunities that helped to improve their lives and the community and built on this as an MP and Prime Minister.

In the spirit of Clement Attlee’s work, this award recognises the achievements of a young person with outstanding potential as a youth worker and community leader. Shortlisted nominees will be put forward to our youth advisory board, who will select the recipient. The winner will be presented with the Attlee Trophy (provided by the Attlee Foundation) at London Youth’s AGM

Nominees for the award must be:

·         Aged 16-25 and living in London

·         Regularly volunteering or working in a community-based youth club or project

·         Nominated by a supporting adult from London Youth or our network

The winner will:

·         Show significant potential as a future community leader

·         Be committed to working with their local youth club or project

·         Inspire and lead other young people to achieve their potential

·         Demonstrate commitment to their own learning and development as a youth worker

Nomination forms and further information about the award can be downloaded from the right panel of this page.

Please submit all nominations to emily.reddon@londonyouth.org.uk before the deadline of 28th February 2014. 

If you would like any further information please contact Emily at emily.reddon@londonyouth.org.uk.

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