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07 November 2019

Having worked with our youth board, Dare London, over the past three and a half years I have had the opportunity to see our young people grow and improve. We always recognise and celebrate these achievements but we can sometimes forget that after a long day at school or college that these young people are dedicated enough to travel across London to come to a youth board meeting or to get involved in an event or opportunity and this has been true, especially in the run up to the London Youth Awards 2019.

Our Dare London members will be presenting at the awards ceremony and have been coming into the office over the past four weeks to rehearse their roles as well as playing a vital role in helping with the shortlisting of the nominated candidates.

Watching the young people work on their scripts and hearing them grow in confidence has been a pleasure but I am particularly proud that they are dedicated enough to take out the time, even during their half term, to get involved.

As I hear youth workers talk about the incredible young people they work with and all the effort they put into getting a project together or just helping out at the centres they come to, I mirror their sentiments as I see all the great work young people are doing here with London Youth.

I cannot wait to see our Dare Londoners up on stage and working behind the scenes at the London Youth Awards next week.

And so I would like to say a big thank you to all our Dare Londoners for their participation at the awards and for all the countless other events, meetings and opportunities that they take the time to get involved with at London Youth.

– Shaz, Programmes Support Officer

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