Sustainable Communities

By working with London Youth in our Sustainable Communities Programme, your organisation is making a firm commitment to the futures of your local communities, and the wellbeing of those who live in them.

Our main objectives are simple: empower organisations to make a positive difference to their communities, support youth clubs to become more sustainable for the future, and secure corporate funding and involvement in local community initiatives.

The British public are increasingly aware of corporate organisations and their impact (positive and negative), on the local community. In fact, 72% of the UK public think businesses should have a legal responsibility to the planet and people.

Employees are citing community commitment and involvement when asked about their motivations for applying and leaving roles. Actually, 77% of employees believe that company-sponsored volunteer activities are essential to employee wellbeing.

What does London Youth do?

Through our Sustainable Communities Programme we take a holistic approach to supporting your local communities through wrap-around initiatives…

How can you get involved?

“Your donation ensured a girl took part. Before that, she felt football wasn’t for her as she was wearing old school gym plimsoles.”

Youth Worker on receipt of a corporate gift-in-kind donation

A group of young girls playing football