An exciting, adventurous and competitive corporate challenge to really stretch you and your colleagues!

You can enter up to 10 teams for a day of fun.  As a team of eight, you can compete against the clock and the other teams in a series of outdoor adventure and team challenges. These will take place throughout 300 acres of our wonderful woodland at London Youth’s outdoor education centre,Hindleap Warren.

Be prepared to prove your prowess at firelighting, go through our pitch black underground tunnels, take a leap of faith, climb our new Petchey-fied Tower and make a real difference to young people from our member clubs.

Push yourselves to make a difference and win the inaugural HindleapChallenge Trophy!

We are really passionate about the benefits of outdoor education. With its combination of challenging activities and important time away from home it really builds young people’s confidence, resilience and team work skills.

London Youth supports a network of hundreds of diverse community youth organisations where young people choose to go. Our mission is to support and challenge young people to become the best they can be. With a unique reach across London, we deliver programmes with and through this network in every borough.

Many young people from our member clubs have never been out of the city before: never jumped to grab a trapeze bar 50 feet in the air or made a shelter to sleep. That’s why we subsidise the cost of a place at Hindleap for these young people. Holding your team building day with us will directly benefit young people from our member clubs benefit from all that outdoor adventure has to offer.

To organise a Team Building Challenge Day at Hindleap contact Elsa. We will provide an exciting and well organised event, breakfast on arrival, a packed lunch and the Hindleap Challenge Trophy for the winner.

Let the challenge begin!