Inclusive Communities

By working London Youth, you can deliver widespread and systemic interventions at a grass-roots level. With over half of London Youth’s member clubs being in the 30% most deprived areas in the UK, we can focus our approaches and opportunities on groups at higher risk of falling into poverty and the traps of generational unemployment.

So, our main objectives are to: equip young Londoners with skills they need to enter the workplace, provide meaningful opportunities for corporates to support young people, use targeted development programmes to tackle racial and gender inequality, and help tackle poverty.

It’s no secret the UK workforce is fraught with inequality. The average UK gender pay gap is 16% and only 8% of FTSE 100 CEOs are women.

On top of this, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Black young people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed compared to their white peers. Much of this inequality stems from lack of confidence, skills and investment given to young girls, women, and people of colour in their teens. Let’s work to change this.

What can you get involved with?

Donating to or supporting our Inclusive Communities initiative supports at-risk young people across our network of almost 600 extremely diverse youth organisations, ensuring every young person can receive extra help, training and guidance, and eventually go on to reach their full potential. Such as…

How can you get involved directly?

The difference we make…

…is powerful and undeniable. And you can be part of that.

Take our Sports programme, Getting Active… It is our longest running offer and young people from all backgrounds and situations are welcomed: 73% of those participating are young people of colour, while 14% had a disability. It has a 55:43:2 split of male, female and transgender or non-binary participants.

We use sports to be inclusive, to sensitively overcome cultural barriers, boost confidence, learn skills and more.

And, year on year, we are increasingly proud of the impact it has on young people across London. Crucially, we know we’re helping those who need us most, with 57% of participants living in the 30% most deprived areas in the country.


“[A young person] has attended SENsational Sports for a number of years. She originally was scared of water having had a traumatic experience in the past, but has bravely challenged herself and learnt new skills – and she is now such a competent and confident swimmer that she is supporting other young people.
“Her encouragement and ‘you can do it!’ attitude motivates her peers to push themselves. A has also become more confident in her self-care – she showers independently, no longer requires support dressing herself, and she feels more adult. Her dream now is to ‘teach my mum to swim’.”
Cambridge House, London Youth Member
two children swimming with floats in a pool