Corporate Partnerships at Christmas

This Christmas, the youth sector needs your support.

The cost of living crisis is threatening the sustainability of the youth sector long-term as many clubs are currently struggling to keep their lights on. From austerity, to covid, to cost of living, the youth sector has not had time to recover, meaning demand for services are up, and the workforce is stretched to beyond capacity. See our blog for more information.

So, this festive season, please consider supporting the youth sector. Your funding is critical to the very youth organisations who can mitigate and help manage the knock-on impacts of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis.

Do you have a Secret Santa at work but don’t know what to buy your colleague? Donate and download this Secret Santa card to put in an envelope or email.

Do you have a Christmas jumper day? Download our asset to spread the word, and pledge to London Youth!

Is your company or team skipping a Christmas party this year? Get in touch to see how your gift can help!

Don’t just take our word for it…

“When searching for a partner, we wanted a charity that focused on London, tapped into the needs of our capital and resonated with our staff. After meeting the London Youth team and visiting the community centres, we knew London Youth would be the perfect partner for KFH.” Julian Peak, Sales Director, KFH


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