fbpx Soho Bites Podcast: Maude Stanley - London Youth

09 November 2020

Emily White, our Fundraising Manager, was a guest on the Soho Bites Podcast to discuss Maude Stanley, a pioneer of early youth work in London and a founder of one of the organisations that became London Youth.

By 1870, the Elementary Education Act had been passed and you start to see schools appearing. Maude Stanley was working in a time when schools were just coming in and so you still had masses of people who were illiterate and uneducated. It wasn’t just formal education that had been debated; informal education had always been there. Youth work wasn’t a brand new idea! It was sitting next to the idea that we should be teaching people to read and write. Informal education becomes the forgotten sister that becomes the responsibility of the voluntary sector.”

You can listen to the whole episode here or read Emily’s excellent piece on Maude for International Women’s Day earlier this year.

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