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13 May 2020

During lockdown, its more important than ever to use your time and resources well. This is especially true when it comes to fundraising for your organisationMany organisations are struggling financially and looking to step up their fundraising at this time. 

We’ve put together some helpful tips and advice to help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts.  

  1. Reach out to current or recent supporters. During a time of crisis people are more likely to give to causes that are familiar to them, sfocus on your warmest supporters. Get in touch with your current funders to discuss additional support or the potential to move grants to more urgent work.
  2. Have honest conversations with your funders about your organisations needs. Explain the impact Coronavirus has had on your organisation. More funders are open to funding core costs, so explore that option and don’t be afraid to ask for unrestricted funding.   
  3. Be clear and concise when describing the need and your delivery plansGiven funders are looking to make quicker decisions, not all grant makers are asking for their usual level of detail. Work on communicating what you are doing and why into 200 words.  
  4. When applying for emergency funding, take time to read the guidance. There has been a great response from funders in creating emergency funds, but competition for these is extremely fierce. This means funders will be increasingly strict on making sure only those that meet the criteria are successful. If you are in doubt, contact the funder ahead of starting your application. Avoid disappointment by only applying for grants where you meet the criteria.
  5. Think about using virtual events to raise funds. If you would normally raise money through community events or challenge events like the London Marathon, think about how you can engage your fundraisers remotely. Use the 2.6 Challenge or run your own remote fundraising event – like a virtual pub quiz or online auction.  
  6. Stay connected. We are all in this together. Make sure to stay connected with your supporters, colleagues, and other people in your sectorNot all communications to your supporters need to have an ask, show them you are thinking of them during this difficult time and they will think of you with their support. 

This is a difficult time for us all, and the landscape is changing constantlyWhen fundraising, it is important to stay positive and focused on your mission. And remember: you are doing a brilliant job – this is your opportunity to show that

– Emily White, Fundraising Manager

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