fbpx ‘Saluting our Sisters’: Celebrating Black History Month 2023 - London Youth

05 October 2023

At London Youth we’re all about celebrating, supporting and championing youth professionals for all that they do.  

This year’s Black History Month theme is ‘Saluting our Sisters’. It highlights the crucial role that black women have played in shaping history, inspiring change, and building communities.  

We wanted to look back to the stories of Black women we’ve been honoured to meet and work with over the last few years who continue to make life-changing impact on young Londoners. We invite you to read three powerful stories of youth professionals from our membership. 

Leanne from The Movement Factory: Leanne uses dance to empower young black women to achieve their dreams and become leaders and decision makers. Read Leanne’s interview

Kyarna from Immediate Theatre: Kyarna shares her inspirational journey from joining the Immediate Theatre as a young person to becoming a youth worker. Read Kyarna’s interview

Sharleen from Barking and Dagenham Youth Dance: Sharleen helps young people navigate growing up and express their hopes and fears around key social matters through dance and poetry. Read Sharleen’s interview

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