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About the programme

Rise Up is a leadership programme for youth practitioners working with young people vulnerable to violence. It is delivered in partnership with London Youth, Leap Confronting Conflict, Power the Fight and Clore Social Leadership.  

 Designed by youth work professionals, Rise Up strengthens London’s youth sector by investing directly in you as practitioners in your organisations. Through expert training, reflection and coaching sessions, the programme builds on your existing knowledge and skills to fulfil your potential and leadership goals. 

 You are part of a network of youth workers from across London, all of whom share a commitment to tackling the root causes of violence in London and to improving the lives of young people across the city.  

 Rise Up offers you a unique opportunity to develop your skills and leadership potential in the youth sector, by providing access to high-quality, specialist training and support from sector leaders. Your place on Rise Up, worth over £5,000, is fully funded by the Mayor of London’s Violence Reduction Unit (VRU).   

Programme Overview: Key info 

Rise Up is an intensive and rewarding programme, and over the coming months, you will be engaging in many different activities designed to enhance your youth work practice and leadership skills, build your networks and inspire you to move forward in your career. 

Your Timetables

Your programme timetable will be slightly different depending on your cohort. Click below to see your timetable.

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Cohort 2

Cohort 3

Cohort 4

Pastoral Care Check-ins

Your pastoral care leads are going to reach out to you to see how you are finding the programme so far. You can ask them for sign-posting information if you are finding the programme confusing, but this call is mainly about YOU and how you are doing.  

These calls will be taking place on Zoom and will be scheduled individually between you and your LEAP pastoral care lead.

There are three Pastoral Care check-ins and they will typically take place the week following one of the three ‘reflective practice’ sessions.

In addition, feel free to email riseup@londonyouth.org to request a check-in call at any point in the programme.

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Rise Up Sessions

Free Therapy with Open Up

Some of the content covered on Rise Up can bring up challenging moments, so we have organised for you to have access to free online therapy throughout your Rise Up journey.

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Check in

If you’ve already signed up, you can “check-in” here.

Book a session with a psychologist

Book in a 1:1 session with a psychologist here.


Reporting Absence 

If you are unable to attend your session for any reason please report your absence as soon as you know of it via our absence reporting form.

Please do not email or call to report your absence, as we are unable to provide catch-up sessions for training missed. We need a reason for your absence as persistent absence from the course without explanation can result in us withdrawing you from the course. 

In order to support your wellbeing on the course, we may also get in touch with you and/or your manager/nominator if there are repeated absences. This is only to see if there is anything we can do to support your attendance so that you can complete the course.