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04 March 2024

The support of trusted adults in grassroots youth community organisations defined my journey as a young Londoner. Ever since, my ambition has been to ensure young people have the safety net, support structure and springboard to fulfil their potential and thrive.


I discovered myself through art and sports  

As a young person and into my early adult life, theatre gave me profound moments to express myself and explore parts of different identities that make me who I am. At an all-girls secondary school, walking to and from the canteen was the main exercise encouraged, which was a vast contrast from my early childhood, with three older brothers, playing sports was non-negotiable. As a young adult searching for community, I rediscovered sport, took up running and haven’t stopped since. 


Somewhere to go, something to do, someone to trust 

My journey has taken me from formal education, to becoming a youth worker, and now Sport & Culture Manager at London Youth. Last year, we worked with 28,100 young people through our sports development, employability, youth action and involvement, mental health, arts and outdoor education programmes.  

In January, I visited Bloomsbury Football Foundation, delivering their London Youth Getting Active mid-week session to teenage young women. One of the girls attending participated in the Good for Girls cohort I’d taken on a Wellbeing Ambassador residential in 2022. Two years later, she remembered the programme and spoke highly of how it had helped her continue with her passion for football, learn about mental health and how to help others. 

Community youth organisations provide a constant lifeline and a vital safe space where young people can develop confidence, resilience and skills. Every young person deserves somewhere to go, something to do and someone to trust. And I believe that youth work changes lives, because it certainly changed mine. 

It’s one of the many reasons I’ve joined forces with six other fundraisers to take on the iconic London Marathon for London Youth this April! 


Your involvement matters 

If you can resonate with my story or know someone who has benefitted from youth work, you know how important this is and why any donation will support this cause.  

Your support for London Youth helps build a foundation for lasting change, shaping a confident generation that is empowered to face life’s challenges head-on. Whether you contribute through fundraising, advocacy, or simply by spreading the word, your involvement matters 

Together, we will ensure more young people have the opportunities and skills they need to succeed. 

Meet all runners taking part in the iconic 26-mile London Marathon this April for London Youth. Wish us all luck! 


Rebekah Keane, Sport & Culture Manager at London Youth


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