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14 May 2012

Ten of our member clubs will have the chance to participate in this exciting project which sees tried and tested youth initiatives replicated in different locations.

Starting in October 2012 we will be running Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence in ten youth clubs across the capital. This is a group-based programme for at-risk young people aged 10-14 which Clubs for Young People is rolling out across the country.

The programme aims to promote citizenship skills, core character values, and social-emotional skills and to discourage the use of drugs, alcohol, and violence. The curriculum consists of 102 lessons organised in nine units and taught in groups in schools and youth clubs.

This is being rolled out as part of the Big Lottery's Realising Ambition programme, which is providing support to voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations from across the UK and their partners to:

  • prevent young people aged 8 to 14-years-old from taking pathways into offending
  • build the evidence base of ‘what works’
  • replicate what works in new geographic areas

You may also be interested in a video clip about the project here.

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