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09 February 2022

We’re proud to support Race Equality Week

Racism has no place in our society. But today, young Londoners face several significant and connected challenges: racism is one of them and the direct and indirect negative impact racism has on their opportunities to live happy, healthy, safe and fulfilled lives. This challenge is a key driver of our commitment to anti-racism as an organisation and as individuals.

Race Equality Week is important for organisations to show that we are committed to eradicating racism within our organisations and in society.

We are proud to be taking part in Race Equality Week 2022 to reassert our commitment to being an anti-racist organisation and to deliver a better, fairer society free from racism and discrimination.

How we’re marking Race Equality Week

During Race Equality Week we’re running a number of activities for colleagues across London Youth. We’ll be commencing a series of anti-racism training sessions for all staff members across our London office and two outdoor education centres, Hindleap Warren and Woodrow High House.

Colleagues will have the chance to make their own commitments on actions they’re taking to achieve race equality. We’ll also be sharing content on our website and social media channels throughout the week, including resources and ways to achieve race equality.

On Friday, we’re excited to host a staff discussion session on race equality.

Read our latest update on the actions we’re taking to deliver our anti-racism commitment >

Focusing on results

By taking part in Race Equality Week, we hope to drive forward our ambition to become an anti-racist organisation, acting on the principles set out in our commitment.

We are working to build a London Youth where our staff are empowered to speak out on racism and where everyone feels able to be themselves at work. During Race Equality Week we will create the space and time for our whole team to work towards race equality.

This action will not end after Race Equality Week, as we forge ahead to embed anti-racism in every area of London Youth’s work.


We committed to become an actively anti-racist organisation in 2020. And while this commitment was vital in our journey, actions speak louder than words.

As we work to build a fairer, more equal London for all young people, race equality must be central to everything that we do. fitting that our series of anti-racism training sessions commences this week, and that we’re seeing a leadership strategy emerge from the reflections and feedback we’ve shared with each other over the last few years. We’re committed to taking action. This week’s theme is an important reminder.

You can find out more about London Youth’s commitment to anti-racism and the actions we’re taking here >

Find out more about Race Equality Week and get access to resources here >

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