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26 August 2021

As part of the Cornerstone project we ran a series of training for youth organisations and youth workers about engaging with research. Youth organisations are increasingly interested in demonstrating the effectiveness of their practice because of funders requirements and their own desire to understand the impact they’re making.


02: Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis

This training session builds on youth workers’ existing skills of reflection and creativity – all of which lend themselves to qualitative research and evaluation. We discuss the process of making sense of data, look at preparing the data, doing initial coding (categorisation) and move into analysis – ‘making meaning’ of the data. We also touch on writing up and disseminating analysis, and share examples of different kinds of analysis. This is an interactive session with opportunities to practice data analysis.

The training is aimed at youth workers, youth work managers, evaluators, and research and learning practitioners in youth organisations. It is facilitated by Dr Karen Ross (University of Massachusetts Boston). Karen’s practice, teaching and research focus on issues at the intersection of dialogue, peace-building, social activism, and education. She also looks at how research is conducted, and how it can be more inclusive, as part of a collaboration working to reshape the teaching of social science research methodology.

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The training can be accessed above, along with an accompanying brief that has been developed to support you to access this training.

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