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01 June 2015

1st June 2015

On the 15th, 16th and 17th May London Youth ran its first ever dance residential at Woodrow High House for 47 Girls aged 11 – 22 years old. The winning group performed on the 24th May at the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios.   

The residential was delivered in  partnership with Movement Factory and Pineapple Dance Studios whilst being  sponsored by Jack Petchey and the Sulgrave Trust.

Five youth organisations across London took part in a weekend of team building through dance workshops and dance performances. The girls were divided into four groups and assigned an inspirational dance tutor for the weekend. At the end of each day the groups were brought together to reflect on the days activities where they shared learning and experience.

All the groups developed a dance piece they showcased to each other on the Sunday. The performances were  judged by a group judges made up of Lean Pero (Founder of Movement factory), Woodrow instructors, Getting Ready Sports Development Officers and Martin Curtis Head of Woodrow. 

Janita, Hackney Quest (Youth Worker) said:

“The Weekend was amazing, the girls have got so much out of it, seeing the young peoples progression from where they were yesterday to where they I am so impressed with them.”

Y.P, Felxy Squad, 16 years old, commented:

“It was fun, very sociable and very inspirational”

The winning group from the residential showcased their performance on Sunday 24th May, where 60 girls took part in a master class of dance at the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios.

The girls, all aged between 11 – 22 years old, were tutored by Everton who was a former young person from Westminster House. He now runs his own dance classes all over London. The girls were treated to a guest appearance from Debbie Moore OBE, founder of Pineapple Dance Studios. Debbie was impressed with the girls’ dedication and positive attitude.

Leanne Pero, founder of Movement Factory and Community ambassador for Pineapple Dance Studio’s commented:

“It was a chance for young women to come together from all over London, to showcase and combine their experiences and ideas together. Everyone’s on a high and we have produced some amazing work.”    

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