Our Impact

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Impact Report 2022-23 


In 2022-2023, we worked with 571 member youth organisations who supported more than 650k+ young Londoners. 

For more than 135 years, we’ve worked alongside community youth organisations to provide a constant lifeline and a vital safe space outside the family and formal education, where young people can develop confidence, resilience and skills.  

Last year, we continued our work to achieve impact for youth workers, youth organisations, children and young people by delivering opportunities, driving impact and demanding change. 

Highlights from the Impact Report

We’ve been supporting members for 137 years

In 2022-2023, we worked with 571 member youth organisations who supported more than 650k+ young Londoners

Young girl wearing a hard hat staring into the distance.


of young people were inspired and supported to make a positive contribution to their communities – they felt their connections improved and were more able to participate, take on leadership roles and have a greater voice.

“I can work in a team and communicate with people. I am also able to start up conversations with people I have never met before.”
- Young person, HeadStart Action programme


of young people who took part were doing better physically and/or emotionally, including improved confidence, resilience and motivation

“For some of our younger members, our trip to Hindleap was their first experience away from their parents, helping them to become more resilient.”
- Youth Worker


young people took part in our programme events and activities, with nearly 15,000 enjoying activities at our two outdoor learning centres, Hindleap and Woodrow.



A boy in the mud at Hindleap Warren

92% of young people

surveyed said they enjoyed taking part in our programmes.



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We delivered

13 programmes with 178 members, directly providing 9,682 opportunities to young people.


“It gave me the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications needed to become employable. Without even needing a degree - something I never thought was even possible.”
- Young person, Digital Talent programme