Our Impact for Young People

We want all young Londoners to:

  • Grow up physically and emotionally well.
  • Have the skills, knowledge and networks to identify and work towards their career goals.
  • Be inspired and enabled to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Over the last year, we supported 27,188 young people to take part in opportunities that enabled them to gain the skills and experiences to help them succeed.

Supporting young people to be physically active and healthy

Key achievements over the last year

The impact

  • 95% of young people said they will continue to play sport or be active regularly at the end of our 10-week sports programme.
  • Over 90% of youth professionals said a visit to our residential centre improved their young people’s motivation, confidence and team work.

Through our programmes, young people also develop their social and emotional capabilities – critical for their own wellbeing, as well as their personal development. Over 60% of young people improved their social and emotional capabilities and life skills during our weekly sports programme.

Supporting young people to work towards their career goals

All our programmes are underpinned with a strong focus on supporting young people to develop the skills that they need to succeed in their future careers.  We also support young people in a more targeted way through our employability programme, Talent Match London.

Over the last year

  • 165 young people were supported to move into full-time employment.
  • Of which 110 sustained employment for at least six months.

In addition

  • 56 young people went back into education.
  • 38 young people took up apprenticeships.

Enabling young people to make a positive contribution to their communities

Our youth social action programmes offer hundreds of young people the chance to take part in projects that create positive change – developing their skills whilst improving communities across London.

Key achievements over the last year

  • 359 young people participated in youth social action programmes, delivered in partnership with our members.
  • 32 youth-led projects that benefit the community.
  • 49 young people also achieved a youth leadership accreditation as part of the programme

The impact

  • 84% of young people said they now felt more confident about taking part in projects in their local community
  • 75% of young people said it helped them think of new ways to change their local community
  • Our girls only programme, ActiveLeads, was found to challenge gender stereotypes and inspire other women to get involved in youth organisations.

In October 2017, we published an external evaluation of the pilot year of our flagship social action programme City Leaders. You can read more about the impact of the programme here.