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06 September 2021

From today, Monday 6th September the NYA readiness level is now green and international travel will once more be supported (subject to delay and FCDO advice).  London Youth posted earlier updates here

  • All young people will be able to attend indoor or outdoor activities. Youth provision for young people of all ages, both under and over 18 years of age, have the same requirements.
  • All youth provision may meet indoors or outdoors without limitations on group size. The regulations no longer require youth sector providers to limit their bubble sizes to a maximum number of attendees.

However, the NYA requires providers to review their Action Plans and Risk Assessments and take steps to reduce the risk of community transmission. For example, consider how to manage groups of young people to a manageable number to minimise the risk of transmission. Changes to the COVID Secure measures have been made from Step 4.

Online/digital, detached/outdoor and 1-2-1 youth sector provision will remain available to all young people.

Trips and visits are be permitted. Travel by minibus, taxi, public transport, or private car (subject to safeguarding) are permitted. The youth sector’s goal at all times should be to minimise the risk of COVID transmission.

Overnight and residential experiences are permitted. From the 19th July no group size restrictions apply to the youth sector. The same measures apply to all age groups.

For more detail on leading residentials and overnight events please see section below for more detail.

International travel is permitted in line with Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office travel advice.

Guidance Document

Everyone should read the updated guidance document below and follow the recommended actions and requirements. This guidance is intended for use in England (Version 8) from the 6th September. Click below to view the guidance documents.

A new COVID-19 variant is spreading in some parts of England. There may be additional advice for your area. Find out what you should do.


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