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01 March 2019

On Tuesday 26th February, our Regional Impact Network met for their latest meeting. You can find the agenda for this meeting here.

We run this network with support from the Centre for Youth Impact to help youth organisations to undertake meaningful evaluation and impact measurement. It  provides a safe space in which members can share issues or challenges that they are facing in their work, seek advice from peers, and access support that will inform their practice. We aim to make the sessions as practical as possible, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of members of the network, as well as experts in their field. Previous speakers have included representatives from the Centre for Youth Impact, NPC, Project Oracle, and Superhighways.

Centre for Youth Impact

Simon Hillman from the Centre for Youth Impact joined us for an extended network meeting focused on the Framework of Outcomes for Young People 2.0. The centre has developed the framework for the Local Government Association, building on the outcomes framework produced by the Catalyst Consortium in 2012.

This meeting devoted significant time for attendees to understand the practicalities of using the framework and to share their own ‘impact headaches’ in the context of structured peer support.

Get in touch

Look out for the next Regional Impact Network meeting on Thursday 25th April. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Blazey, Head of Learning.

Samuel Howell, Policy Officer

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