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18 February 2019

On Friday 15th February, our Employability Network met for their latest meeting. Thank you to all of our excellent speakers.

The network is a unique forum in London that regularly brings together youth workers and other specialists involved in front-line youth employability programmes. It’s an opportunity for youth professionals to share best practice, to network and partner, and to connect with experts and policymakers. The network is primarily aimed at London Youth members, but is open to any organisation or statutory service involved or interested in youth employability in London.

You can find:

  • Slides from the meeting here
  • Notes from previous meetings here

Indra Nauth, Black Training & Enterprise Group (BTEG)

BTEG are a national race equality charity, supporting young people between the ages of 11 and 30 through four current programmes.

Indra spoke about BTEG’s programmes for yougn people from BAME backgrounds, which focus on professional role modelling, graduate employment support, employment in London’s keys sectors, and an equal justice system.

She noted the ongoing challenges BTEG had encountered with outreach to and retention of young people. Indra recommended that practice should not shy away from honest discussions about race disparity, and should be tailored to young people’s needs and delivered by people who understood them.

Shanice, a young person who had recently participated in BTEG’s graduate employment programme, spoke about the strengths of the programme. She spoke about the honest conversations about challenges that young people from BAME backgrounds face in the job market and understanding the power of networking via social media.

Eni Timi-Biu, East London Business Alliance (ELBA)

ELBA is an alliance of local businesses groups in East London, which aims to connect them with local communities and to build opportunities for businesses. It runs streams of work around employment, community-building, and education.

Eni spoke about the context of employment and race disparity in East London, and the need for responsible recruitment by businesses.

Eni introduced Parity, ELBA’s employability and mentoring programme for young people from BAME backgrounds. The programme focuses on graduates, though open to school leavers and ‘harder to reach’ young people. She said that its strengths lies in its ability to connect young people with real employers and to allow them to hear from people whose background they recognise and whose career paths inspire them.

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Look out for the next Employability Network meeting in May. To find out more, contact Michaela Mayes, Employability Programme Officer.

Samuel Howell, Policy Officer

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