Policy and Influencing

London Youth is committed to ensuring that the views and interests of young Londoners and of our 600+ members are reflected in public policy. We make the case for good youth work and support young Londoners and those working with them to have a voice in the media and in policy development. We ensure that our members have a say in the decisions that affect the work that they do by connecting them to sector stakeholders and policymakers and by influencing on their behalf.

Our activities include

  • Influencing sector stakeholders and policymakers on behalf of young people and our members.
  • Responding to central and local government consultations and strategies.
  • Advocating positions that articulate the views of our members.
  • Leading the conversation with reports based on our knowledge and providing analysis on the policy context to our members.
  • Supporting networks, as key forums for members to share expertise and influence in specific areas.

Our policy resources

Contact us

For any enquiries, please contact our Policy Manager, Clare MacNamara on 07736 619 591  or email clare.macnamara@londonyouth.org